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whois ch0l0man
ch0l0man is the nick I picked when I became involved in the underground scene.

Ethnic Background: I am Apache, German, Mexica, Spanish and Yaqui. I am a descendent of the great Alric the Visgoth, Trajan the Spanish Emperor of Rome, Geronimo Apache Warrior, Montezuma the great Mexica Emperor and Juan Banderas a Yaqui freedom fighter.
History: I was born in East Los Angeles, lived and raised in Pasadena and NELA. I was born in to a very interesting family. My mother's side is steeped deep in the Chicano underworld, where my dad's family are you lawyers, doctors and Indian chiefs. Being that we lean towards a maternal family structure I grew up around my mother's family all of my life. I guess it also was the fact that 99% of my dad's family lives in Texas, where they have been since the mid 1800's.
Growing up in a multi-generational neighborhood is a very warm experience and gives you that small town American feel. I attended elementary school with several cousins, we probably had more family there at one time then any other family in the school's history. Even 'til this day my family still attends this elementary school. During my JRHS period I attened both my parents schools, but for High School I decided on my father's.
After hearing horror stories from some of my current peers I feel lucky that I was part of the "In Crowd" in a variety of scenes. During my gang days I ran with one of LA's oldest and most powerful street gangs. Later I became one of Pasadena's and NELA's most famous graffiti artist's. At one time I even became the Number #1 most wanted graffiti artist by the Pasadena Police. Leaving the graffiti scene behind I ventured in to the party promotion(not called crews back then) scene. We promoted house parties that would turn out 200 to 300 guests, did clubs in Hollywood and around the greater Los Angeles area. After this I became an out right hoodlum dealing in many illegal activities from Arms to Trafficking. Eventually I would hit rock bottom because of my alcoholism and lose many things in my life. Because of the tough love of my mother I have been 14 years sober from the fire water and living a more socially respectable life.
In this new era in my life I have met the woman of my dreams, the one who will stand by me in times of good and bad. She has pushed me in all areas of my life and without her I would probably not even be in the I.T. field. She has no idea what she means to me nor could I convey it with words, but Johnny Cash has with his song Like a Soldier. I have lived Mi Vida Loca(My Crazy Life) and many times I think about the things I could change in my past to have a better present. Maybe I could have stayed in that Basic programming class in 7th grade in 1983, not been arrested numerous times or multiple narcotic abuse. But wait! If I change the slightest part of my past I would most likely never meet the woman that is the best thing that has happened or for me in my life. My life now is stable sometimes down right humdrum compared to the wild life I have lived, but it is good and I share it with a great woman.

I started out at a leading CMS software company doing phone support for their product. That lasted about six months as the company decided to centralize their operations in Colorado. We were offered the ability to follow the company or a nice severance package. I picked the severance package and it turned out to be a good choice, 6000 good choices. :) The company was great and provided a lot of support in preparing us for future employment.

My next gig which would take me six months to get and the same one I turned down a year earlier to work for the CMS company. The company designs one of the leading tax software products used by accounting firms nation wide. This job is the dream job you want when you start out in your chosen field. I was able too meet people who helped me grow exponentially. I wore many hats during my time there, but that is one of the best ways to learn. I started out in Phone Support, moved to the Release and Support team doing QA. This position provide me with the ability to do some security work on a custom version of SAP Portal and Microsoft Sharepoint. After leaving QA I was given an opportunity as a web application support specialist and later became the de facto email administrator for MDaemon email platform. At the end of my time I was also training and supporting an international client base as the product was adapted for other national markets. This job came to end, as yet again centralizing reared its ugly head. I made many great friends that supported me in my transition and they still remain very much a part of my life.

Number 3 in my I.T. adventure would be with the world's leading anti-piracy company as a SysAdmin. My time here was short lived but it was memorable, yes very memorable. This company was still in the early stage of the business cycle and therefore was very informal. Coming from the street I find it funny when people act "gangsta" when they didn't come from that lifestyle. This place had enough of them that they provided some nice amusement.:) But I also met and worked with some really cool people including my director.

We have reached the end at last and are now at my current mission. I work in the digital mines of the world's largest social network. Here I and my fellow miners help keep the infurstuctre up and humming so all of you can share your photos, horrific pages and screaching music. God help me if you can't read a PM. Over all it is a step up with a company that offers great benefits and plenty of growth. So keep joining and help pay for my schooling. :)

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